Dr. Song’s Podcasts Lineup!

Who here likes PODCASTS?

I do, I do!!!

I’ve had the honor of being interviewed on several different podcasts recently with some of my dearest friends! What a joy to be sharing what I love – teaching parents how to help their children thrive with integrative, holistic pediatrics! I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts as much as I enjoyed doing them!

A Holistic Pediatrician Talks Ear infection, Fevers & Vaccinations

What a treasure to talk with Katie Wells, the Wellness Mama and the original holistic mama. We talk about everything from an integrative medicine toolkit for ear infections and fevers, to holistic possibilities for eczema/asthma, the flu shot, homeopathy and natural medicines!

Healthy Moms Podcast with Dr. Elisa Song



#237 Dr. Elisa Song, MD on Functional Pediatrics and Lyme

Evan Brand is a functional medicine practitioner, father, husband, and dear friend. What an honor to be on the Evan Brand Show, formerly Not Just Paleo, to talk about Lyme, chronic illness in kids, pediatric functional medicine, and life!

Evan Brand Podcast with Dr. Elisa Song



Better Everyday #42: Tools for Integrative Pediatric Care With Dr. Elisa Song

Dr. Brooke Kalanick and Sarah Fragoso of the Better Everyday podcast are not just great friends, they are amazing experts in women’s and children’s health, hormones, and life! Listen in as we talk about an integrative medicine toolkit for fever, chronic childhood illnesses, and stress management!

Better Everyday Podcast with Dr. Elisa Song



Integrative Paediatrics: PANDAS Part 1 with Dr. Elisa Song

PANDAS Part 1 with Dr. Elisa Song




Integrative Paediatrics: PANDAS Part 2 with Dr. Elisa Song

PANDAS Part 2 with Dr. Elisa Song

Fx Med Australia’s podcast is THE premiere podcast in functional medicine around the world. Please listen in and share these interviews that I had the pleasure of doing with the amazing Andrew Whitfield-Cook. If your child, or a child you know, has suddenly worsening anxiety, tantrums, OCD behaviors, rages and developmental or academic regressions, they may have a condition called PANS or PANDAS that IS treatable, once you know what’s really going on…


 How to Raise Healthy, Happy Kids with Dr. Elisa Song


Ben Brown, founder of BSL Nutrition and host of the Smart Nutrition – Made Simple podcast, nutrition and fitness expert, and all around super nice guy, and I sit down for a deep dive on gut health for kids to optimize brain and immune function, probiotics, and what every parent is obsessed about – their kid’s poop!

Smart Nutrition – Made Simple Podcast with Dr. Elisa Song


Enjoy! And please share with any mama or papa you know who would benefit from these inspiring podcasts!

xo Holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD


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