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Gratitude & Coronavirus Resilience

Did you know that Gratitude is actually good for your immune system? College students who performed a “Loving Kindness” gratitude meditation entered into a  sustained physiologic state of calm with increased heart rate variability (HRV), a greater sense of connectedness to others, & increased positive emotions (joy,

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How To Talk With Your Kids About Coronavirus

As we hold our collective breath, waiting to see what will happen in the coming weeks as Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the US and the world, some of us are panicking. And even if you’re not panicking, someone around you is. And through this all… Our

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6 Steps for a Stress-Proof Child

We are facing an epidemic of anxiety and depression in our children and teenagers. 1 in 4 teenagers has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. By the time they’re 18, nearly 1 in 2 teens will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. And many are turning

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Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness and Kids. Words that don’t seem to go together naturally. But now, more than ever, as our children and teenagers are facing an epidemic of anxiety, we need to help our kids make mindfulness an EASY and EVERYDAY part of their lives. Before we can do

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