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Coronavirus & Social Distancing

Please, mamas & papas & caregivers, help #flattenthecurve … In the US, we are on a trajectory to double COVID-19 cases every 2-5 days. At this pace, patients with serious illness requiring ICU beds will quickly outnumber availability, placing us in the same heart-wrenching situation that Italy

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How To Talk With Your Kids About Coronavirus

As we hold our collective breath, waiting to see what will happen in the coming weeks as Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the US and the world, some of us are panicking. And even if you’re not panicking, someone around you is. And through this all… Our

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6 Steps for a Stress-Proof Child

We are facing an epidemic of anxiety and depression in our children and teenagers. 1 in 4 teenagers has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. By the time they’re 18, nearly 1 in 2 teens will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. And many are turning

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10 Ways to Experience Nature With Your Kids

Welcome Summer and Go Outside With Your Family! Are you exhausted from all the screens constantly in front you, and in front of your children? Here are 10 ideas you can implement immediately to level the playing field – literally go to a field and play. From

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Fat Girl – You Are Beautiful!

I was a fat girl. In middle school, I asked my mom if I could go to fat camp. I wanted to lose weight and for once in my young life be a skinny girl, so away I went. I clearly remember that first mortifying day when

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How To Make Your Kids Happy

During this holiday season, we as parents are consumed with one thought – “How do I make my kids happy?” What gift will be so perfect that it will light up their little faces with sheer happiness and joy? And it doesn’t help that books, website, and

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