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How to Detoxify When Air Pollution is High

How do you help your child when the air won’t let them breathe? When air pollution is so high, and air quality is so low, that even the healthiest of us without asthma or allergies, can barely catch our breath? While I wrote this article in response

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Allergies 101: Lower Your Child’s Allergy Bucket

Spring has sprung! Trees are in full bloom. Gorgeous cherry blossoms and wisteria are filling the air with their beautiful scent – and filling our noses and eyes with their, aah-aaah-aaaachooo! Pollen! For allergy sufferers like me and my daughter, this is not a fun time. You

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Allergies 102: Take Control Of Your Child’s Allergies, Naturally!

10 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Allergy Symptom, Naturally! Now that you’ve figured out what your child is allergic to and how to lower their allergy bucket as I talked about in my last blog post, Allergies 101: Lower Your Child’s Allergy Bucket, it’s time to learn

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