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Gluten-Free Fun-Filled Biscuits!

Another super fun Krazy Kids Cooking project with Kenzi’s and Bodi’s K/1 classes! Gluten-free biscuits filled with holiday cheer and lots of opportunities for sensory fun and measuring skills! This recipe was meant for each child to complete in entirety on his own (with a little guidance

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Let’s Make Some Butter!

Need something for your kids to do on Thanksgiving Day while you’re finely orchestrating what goes in and out of the oven and when, what gets stirred and simmered, and what gets to rest? They may be running around with their cousins or friends doing just fine,

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Kids’ Paleo Pancakes

Friday Fun cooking has begun! I’m cooking lead for my daughter’s and son’s K/1 classes. With the late start to the school year, we’ve only had one cooking session in my son’s class so far, but it was a blast! I LOVE cooking with the kinders and

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Krazy Kale Salad

It’s Friday fun cooking at Kenzi’s school. You never know what’s gonna be a hit or not with these krazy K/1 kids. Some days you get it right, and other days it’s a “please-take-a-no-thank-you-bite” kinda day. But today we hit it right! I decided to shift gears

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